At Innovant Capital, we try to maximize the likelihood that our clients will achieve their financial and non-financial objectives by approaching the assignment in a disciplined, professional manner, and by controlling the process to the greatest extent possible.

Everything starts with the client. The most important element of our assignment is understanding our client objectives, both financial and non-financial. In fact, the entire process, begins with understanding our client and their business.

We understands your needs

Be prepared

Innovant Capital believes that not only should our clients achieve their objectives, but they should do so as efficiently as possible, so that neither the client nor the potential investor wastes time. We therefore concentrate our initial efforts on an “internal” due diligence. By undertaking our own detailed due diligence, Innovant Capital is able to develop a deep understanding of both the positive and negative elements of our clients’ business. Since Innovant Capital also understands investor needs, we are also able to anticipate their reactions. This comprehensive approach allows us to avoid surprises and minimize the additional work required for investor due diligence. Thus, we are able to work with our clients to develop the strategy and documentation that will best help interest potential buyers or investors, place the business in the best light possible, and minimize the time between initial contact with the investor and closing.

Place your business in the best light possible
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We add value throughout the process

Innovant Capital works with our client throughout the process by:

  • Preparing high quality professional investor materials including information memoranda, financial models, and investor presentations. We make your business look as as professional as possible so that any investor we approach will take the investment offering seriously.
  • Advising with respect to appropriate structure, valuation, and the terms and conditions of a transaction. The transaction structure and terms and conditions can have a tremendous impact on the perceived risk and potential returns on any deal. By understanding the needs of all parties involved and being creative, we are able to help structure deals so that both investors and our clients feel they have gotten a good deal on the transaction.
  • Identifying, approaching, and negotiating with potential buyers, investors and lenders. Just like any marketing task, selling to potential buyers, investors, or partners (a customer of the offering), is a business discipline and a shotgun approach seldom works. We work closely with our clients to establish their criteria for assessing potential investors and then work hard to identify and target those potential investors who offer the best match with our client objectives.
  • Preparing appropriate documentation. Once investors are interested in your business, the real work begins. In conjunction with external legal counsel, Innovant Capital assists in negotiating and preparing term sheets, memoranda of understanding (or letters of intent), share transfer agreements, shareholders agreements, employment agreements, and all other agreements and documentation required to complete a transaction.

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