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Innovant Capital provides tailored solutions to SMEs in the areas of sale of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, fund raising, pre-IPO preparation and planning, corporate governance, board representation, and liability restructuring. With more than 30 years of corporate and financial advisory services in the region, Innovant Capital is well placed to provide world class advisory services across a range of geographies and business sectors.

30+ years of corporate and financial advisory
SMEs seldom deal with major transactions
major transactions

Filling in the Gaps

Typically, SMEs seldom deal with major transactions such as raising equity, entering into joint ventures, restructuring liabilities, or selling the business. In fact, most SMEs are run by managers who have technical, operational, and/or marketing expertise. As such, it is not surprising that these firms do not have the requisite transaction-oriented expertise in-house. Major financial transactions are extremely important to a company’s future and Innovant Capital helps complete a company’s skill set by providing transactional financial expertise on an as-needed basis as a valued member of your team.

multinational corporation

Approach Investors with Confidence

With Innovant Capital, our clients can confidently approach and engage with all types of potential partners, investors, or buyers, whether they are multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions, private equity funds, local corporates, or individuals.

Engage with all types of potential partners
Corporate financial advisory is our only business
focuses on advisory services

Client Interests Come First

Unlike larger investment banks, brokerage houses, and accounting and consultancy firms, SME business is very important to us. Since Innovant Capital focuses only on corporate financial advisory services, client interests are always put first and are not compromised by competing interests from other business units within the organization (i.e. corporate banking, brokerage, private banking, audit, tax advisory, etc).

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