At Innovant Capital, we understand the unique needs of SMEs and take pride in providing professional, world-class investment banking services to our clients

Key elements of our philosophy in working with clients include:

time and effort

More than just a business

Most of our clients are owner/entrepreneurs who started their companies or took over the family business. In either case they have invested many years of personal time and effort into their endeavors. We are very sensitive to this fact and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and help them achieve both financial and non-financial objectives.

We understand clients have financial and non-financial objectives
We allow our clients to focus on running the day-to-day business.
time to focus

Clients need to focus on business

As owner/managers, our clients are usually the key individuals who drive the business. Selling a business, fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, partner searches, or restructuring are all processes that can be quite time consuming and distracting. At the same time, it is very important that management stay focused on running their company to ensure business does not suffer from lack of attention. This is particularly important during the business sale/ fundraising/ restructuring process as potential buyers, investors and/or lenders want to see that the business is tracking properly. Working with Innovant Capital allows our clients more time to focus on what is most important, running the day-to-day business.

outsider’s perspective

Independent advice

Because our clients’ businesses are so entwined with their personal lives, it is often difficult for them to see their business from an outsider’s perspective. Innovant Capital works closely with clients to help them understand how others will view their business and to develop realistic expectations regarding valuation and other shareholder objectives. Innovant Capital has extensive experience dealing with corporates, financial institutions, banks, and individual investors, so we are well placed to help clients achieve their financial and strategic objectives, whether they are looking for expansion capital, trying to sell their business, or seeking a strategic partner.

How others view your business
Selling a business is essentially a marketing task
effective marketing

To Investors, a business is a product

Selling a business or fundraising is essentially a marketing task. Success depends on the effective marketing of the client’s business to potential buyers, investors or lenders. These parties are simply customers who are primarily looking for strategic value and/or a financial return. Innovant Capital helps ensure that our clients‘ businesses are viewed in the best possible light through the preparation of high quality, professional information memoranda, financial models, and investor presentations.

due diligence

There is no such thing as a good surprise

Clients must keep in mind that their businesses will be subject to detailed scrutiny by potential buyers, investors, partners, or lenders prior to the completion of a transaction. Innovant Capital works diligently with our clients to ensure that their companies are prepared for due diligence. Problems that surface during due diligence will almost always negatively impact a transaction and investors will usually seek to renegotiate a deal when this occurs. Once we are aware of problems, not only can we work with clients to correct them, but also we can determine the best strategy for presenting and explaining problems to potential investors and lenders.

We ensure that your company is prepared for investor due diligence
World-class professional service
high-quality analyses

All our clients deserve our best efforts

Just because your company is not listed on the New York Stock Exchange, does not mean you are not deserving of world-class professional service. With Innovant Capital, your project will never be delegated to junior staff. All aspects of our assignments are handled by our senior executives to insure you are receiving high-quality analyses, advice based on years of experience, and the personal attention you deserve.

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